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VAT Registration in Finland

Updated on Tuesday 18th October 2022

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VAT Registration in Finland
Entities in Finland are required to register for VAT if the value of their goods/ services sold during the 12-month accounting period exceeds or is anticipated to exceed the registration threshold of EUR 15,000. Get in touch with our Finnish agents to learn more about VAT registration in Finland. They can also help you open a company in Finland.

VAT registration for non-Finnish companies

Your business may need to obtain a non-resident VAT registration if it is not based in Finland, but makes taxable deliveries of products or services here. This is under the EU-VAT Directive; in some circumstances, foreign traders are required by law to register for VAT to report taxable transactions and declare the VAT that has to be charged. Before starting any taxable transactions, if relevant, all enterprises with any commercial activities in Finland must assess their compliance obligations. Our company formation agents will not only help you open a business in this country, but they can also assist you with VAT registration in Finland. 
The appointment of a representative is necessary to register for VAT on an application if the foreign company lacks a domicile or fixed establishment in an EU country. Finland must be the representative's tax domicile. The representatives are approved by the Finnish Tax Administration. They ought to be qualified and experienced enough to carry out their duties. Representatives should typically be included in the Trade Register. Only in certain cases, natural persons are permitted to serve as representatives.
You are required to submit a list of supporting documentation to register for VAT on your application. Our Finnish company formation agents can explain to you about the required paperwork. Please consult with our experts for a hassle-free VAT registration in Finland. They can also help you to register a company in Finland.

VAT registration for Finnish companies

Before beginning operations, your business must submit an application for VAT registration with the Finnish tax authorities. The late submission of the registration application may result in financial penalties. The process of getting the VAT number typically takes one month if your file is complete. Companies based in Europe are not required to appoint a VAT agent. They may, however, engage a proxy holder (agent) to handle the tax requirements on their behalf to simplify their interactions with the local tax authorities. It is not essential to provide a bank guarantee in this situation. The corporation is entirely liable for paying its VAT obligations. As an EU company, if you need more assistance regarding VAT registration in Finland, our experts can guide you.

Requirement for Finnish VAT registration

Country-specific VAT criteria were withdrawn for EU distance sales starting with July 2021 in favor of an EU-wide level of EUR 10,000. Any revenue from distance selling below this new threshold is still subject to VAT in the country of origin or the business's home country. If a taxpayer makes no taxable income in Finland, but intends to make it outside of Finland, he may choose to register voluntarily. This applies to taxpayers who are either residents of Finland or who have a business establishment there. A non-resident company may voluntarily register for VAT if it makes reverse charge supplies to Finland.
As a foreign or a local company, if you are looking for VAT registration in Finland, our agents can assist you. Besides this, our company incorporation agents can help you if you want to incorporate a branch in Finland.

The VAT rates in Finland 

If you are applying for VAT registration in Finland, it is important to understand its implications. Our company incorporation agents will assist you in this regard. You can also find a general guide below about the VAT rates in Finland:
  • - Postal services, education, banking, insurance, and interpretation services for the deaf are exempt from VAT in Finland;
  • - 0% VAT is applied on gold, banknotes, insurance, and financial services offered to a company based outside the European Union;
  • -  A reduced VAT rate of 14% is applied to restaurant services, animal feed, beverages, and food;
  • - Another reduced VAT rate of 10% is applicable on accommodation, cultural events, newspaper or magazine subscriptions, books (e-books, audiobooks), pharmaceutical products, and passenger transportation services;
  • -  a standard VAT rate of 24% is imposed on all other taxable goods and services. 
It is crucial to get the services of experts in understanding these implications. Our company incorporation consultants in Finland can guide you if your products and services are subject to VAT or exempt from it. For expert assistance, contact our company formation agents for their services. 
Besides this, if you are interested in getting a virtual office in Finland, our agents can help you. They can explain different virtual office packages and you can pick one that suits well to your business needs. 


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