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Register Company in Finland

Updated on Thursday 30th September 2021

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Kaupparekisteri, or the Finnish Trade Register offers official information on business in the whole Finland(including current and old register entries, items of association, partnership rules and agreements, financial reports, business and trading names, company form, address , contact information, type of business, information on  insolvency, disruption of trade, liquidation and reorganization process). The Finnish Trade Register also provides certificates.

The company registration in the Finnish Trade Register is binding for most of the new business and it’s made by submitting a Start-up Notification in Finnish or Swedish. This notification includes basic information regarding the business and has to be recorded by delivering it to the National Board of Patents and Registration contributions offices or by emailing it to a post office box used by the NBPR and the Tax Administration.
After recording, a registration statement is send to the contact person, including all the details that are in effect. If there’s a change in the information entered in the Trade Register is mandatory to apply a modified notification in Finnish of Swedish.

A Start Up Notification can be submitted even for a business that is not forced to do so(for example, the persons engaged in agriculture and fishing)in order to protect the trade of the business enterprise. The data and documents provided by a company in its request to the Trade Register are public information (the public character is grated by the Section 1 of the Trade Register Act).

To access the information from the Trade Register, a personally signed request must be submitted to the NBPR, containing the name and personal identity code of the person who’s requesting the data. The information is then printed and sended to the requester address.
The data can be also verified at the Customer Service of NBPR, the Local Register Office or by checking the Trade Register electronic database.

The Company Registration in Finland has three major consequences: it protects the company’s name, has a constitutive effect and has a publicity effect. Information published in the Trade Register becomes public information and can be used by anyone interested, this is the publicity effect.
According to the law, there are a few individual circumstances that take effect after the registration (for example, different types of companies cannot start their business unless they’re registered).That’s the constitutive effect. Once a company is registered under a name, it has exclusive rights to use it; the Trade Register offers nationally protection for it.


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