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Establish a Branch in Finland

Updated on Thursday 30th September 2021

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The foreign companies have the possibility of performing economic activities through branches in Finland, but must be aware that this form of business is not considered a legal entity and for its actions, the parent company is considered responsible.

The management of a branch opened in Finland must be assured by at least one Finnish resident.  If the company comes from a non member of the European Economic area it has to notify the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland before requesting the registration.

The name of a branch opened in Finland must contain the name of the parent company, followed by the termination “Suomen sivuliike”. The branch must perform the same business activities as the parent company.

The registration of a Finish branch must be performed by the parent company’s representative or by an individual granted with power of attorney, at the Finnish Trade Register. The registration can be made electronically and requires some specific documents such as the memorandum of association, the articles of association, the certificate of registration and a standard application which must contain the following: the branch’s name and its postal address, the type of performed business(not different from the line of business adopted by the foreign company), the foreign company’s name, the type of company, the name of the register where the foreign company was registered, the name of the person entitled to represent the branch (resident of Finland, Sweden or an EEA country, if not, a permission must be received from the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland for appointing a representative from another country).

Also the decision of opening a branch and appointing the representative must be attached.           

If the company if from a country not member of EEA, it must provide the special certificate received from the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland.

The Finnish or Swedish translation must be attached to the above documents.

In the same time with registering in the Trade Register, the branch is enrolled for the tax system, the medical insurance, pension insurance and accident insurance, through the same electronically system.

If the procedure is respected and all the documents are in good order, the process of registration of the branch doesn’t take longer than seven working days.


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